martes, 4 de diciembre de 2007

What I have changed?

My life has changed a lot, Now I’m older. I have longer hair than before and I have red hair now. I dress differently because I’m older so.. I’m more fashionable these days. I don’t play with Barbie's any more, well, just when my nieces want to play. Before I had horrible teeth so I had to use brackets for 4 years for that reason now I have a beautiful smile. Now I’m going to the University and everything is more stressful than when I went to school. I’m going to more parties and definitely I gained some weight I was slimmer before. When I graduate I’m going to travel to Argentina with my best friends Maria José and Andreina. We are going to celebrate our graduation there. I want to move to Spain and live in Madrid or Galicia because they are very beautiful places. I hope I have a big house like I’ve always imagined with different environments all over the house. In two two years, I plan to do a post grade, also I hope to get a job in a bank. I would like to have a fashion store named MAMG because I love clothes… When the moment comes I want to get married, with someone who will love me forever, of course. He has to be nice, intelligent, tall and gorgeous! And a year later maybe I would like to have kids, I hope I have three little girls, because girls are so cute! Their names are going to be: Sabrina, Samantha and Sara!

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2007

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

How did you get started to use Internet?

This is a very good question.... How I did get started to use Internet?.. let me think.. I guess it was because my sister, I have 4 sisters older than me so! my last sister likes coputer a lot so she teach me all I know now, one day like 10 years ago, she show me that in the screen of the computar was a little world named Internet Explorer, with that I can search for everything I wanted, later she opened me an email in Hotmail I was so exciting because I was going to speak with people in different countries, however I don't knew enyone in that time with email..jjaja.. But later I make somre friends.. and a very good friend of mine send me to an email, and he tell me that created a count of messenger, with that we can talk with instanting messages.. Since then I use the internet for everthing its very useful... it's the best invention, I love it.
Michelle Morales

What Super Heroe Are You?

I'm superman too ! :D Superman it's the best super heroes! it's my favorite I watched cartoons of superman all the time when I was a kid.
Michelle Morales

Blog Action Day!!! Save the world save your big house!!

I think global warming is a very serious problem because is afecting our lives, its because our ways to lives and some people dont want to see that we are detroying our world, if we dont start to do something now, maybe it's going to be too late. We need to created campaign for recycling, to take care the ozono layer and another thing like that. We need to save the planet. Michelle Morales